You’d be hard pressed to have not heard of 22 year old Lucy Spraggan after the exposure she gained from her X-Factor performances.

Her brand of hip-hop acoustic tunes are added to by her ability to create a poignancy of lyric that is as likely to bring a tear as it is to raise a smile. Her musical influences, similar to her style, is mixed, drawing from Don Maclean to Dolly Parton via Tupac.


She has been hitting the festival scene hard this year her performance at T in the Park being a highlight for her “The tent got filled to capacity so they couldn’t let anyone else in! Me and the band were just loving it, the audience were so full of energy, it was great.”

Of course Lucy came to  the attention of many through TV, and whilst many will warn against the “evils” of X-Factor and Live and Unsigned, her advice for entering such competitions is to keep true to your self and be nice. “Be original, be confident and don’t be easily persuaded. If you don’t want to change something to suit the competition then don’t. But be polite!”. You get the feeling that Lucy remains grounded “I think the key to coping is to just stay as you are. I have the same friends, the same family” but she admits not everything is the same with addition of new puppy, Steve.

Lucy is clearly enjoying the fame and the opportunity “I’m just really appreciating the fact that my full time job is something I love so much.” She adds “ I love being recognised on the street – I’m always game for a photo.” Lucy will be wandering around the festival her priority is to catch Seasick Steve; “My step-dad and I are big fans of Seasick Steve, so I’ll definitely be around to catch his set.”.

Lucy’s first album , ‘Top Room at the Zoo’, was released independently in 2011; “[it] was recorded on a £30 microphone in my mate’s living room. every Wednesday for 6 months” adding “it’s safe to say this process [of recording the second album] was a little different.” The new album, “took 2 and a half months of being in the studio every day but I loved it” later adding that “It’s amazing to have the backing from such an iconic label as Columbia.”

Expect to find the tent bouncing to her anthem “Last Night” and in tears to “Tea and Toast”, Lucy is one to watch without doubt.

You’ll catch Lucy on Friday at the Hothouse Stage and can keep up to date with her through her website.

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