As a one-off special (i.e. he’s not likely to be asked back by Mr Gigs) Sixshot, bassist for Toby Michaels Rolling Damned, will conduct a special interview with Toby Michaels frontman of Toby Michaels Rolling Damned.

CSC 0599 thumb - Prepare to be Damned

Before reading please be aware that this entire interview was conducted via smoke signals so might not be 100% factual!

How did it feel to be asked to move up from the Hot House at Belladrum after last year’s attention seeking performance on the Seedlings Stage?

After the original intention last year of invading the hothouse Guerrilla style whilst playing the Seedlings it was nice to actually be officially asked to play the stage.  The run to the Hothouse last year stopped at the Red Bull Area due to safety concerns from my flailing beard hitting Belladrum patrons.

I’d love to say it will make me seek out attention less, but I highly doubt I will be any less the narcissistic maniac this year.  I have a bigger play space to roll about in this time and will be like the proverbial Pig in Sh*t.

CSC 0600 thumb - Prepare to be Damned

What have you been doing to prepare? are the rumours of you re-enacting the training scene in Rocky 4 true?

Rocky 4 wishes it had a training montage like my Bella Prep-tage! It has involved vocal sprinting from Inverness to Aberdeen, rolling down large hills and Damning passers by with a sturdy gaze.I have also been dabbling in the black magics in an attempt to find the biggest power notes known to man.

How’s the outfit picking going?

Originally I had a T-rex outfit picked out, then realised the theme was carnival not carnivore… I then pony-trekked the Himalayas in search of Grand Master Shoruya to find the correct conditioner to allow my hair to whip at a perfect 42.5 degree angle.

What’s special about Belladrum Festival for you? other than the fact that they let you mix with people?

Being released from my cage aside, I do enjoy the atmosphere at Belladrum. You are never far away from an awesome act and in every sense of the word you are never left hungry. Being able to contribute to that energy, to help punters enjoy the festival to its maximum percentage and turning a few heads that don’t see us coming it makes it a very special event for me.

What can we expect from you in terms of performance? Will you be doing the usual cry for help stage antics?

If my handlers forget to regulate my sedatives before I am raised from my slumber… I guess you could say the audience could expect a “devilish” performance. Some regular stage vacating will not go amiss in the set and I may equip several “axes” during the set.I will scream and shout for attention and love, then scream some more until the audience is either rolling on the floor with me or in a state of shock and awe. I am planning on laying it ALL on the table at Belladrum.

What’s next on the agenda for you and I guess me?

We take the anarchy to the rest of August, the band embark on a Scottish tour hitting Inverness (HMV Instore – August 22nd), Aberdeen (The Moorings – August 23rd), Aviemore (Thunder in the Glen), Perth (Twa Tams) both on August 24th and Glasgow (Nice N Sleazys) on August 25th from the 22nd August just after we shake the very foundations of B-Fest on August 17th. We then hit the Wall of Rock in Lossiemouth on August 31st to make sure we have fully pillaged August.

I will also be in Inverness(Mad Hatters on August 7th with Carnivores for the first Bring The Noise night) and Dingwall ( The Mallard on August 16th with Devils Queen).

So basically destruction, anarchy, blood, sweat and tears are on the agenda for TMRD and me.

(Toby Michaels Rolling Damned hit the Hothouse Stage at Belladrum on the 3rd of August at 1pm.)