A review of Anderson, McGinty, Webster, Ward and Fisher at the Grassroots Stage, Belladrum on the 3rd of August, 2013.


They might have a been minus a drummer and were concerned that ‘we couldn’t provide as much bashing and banging as usual’ but this mattered not a jot to a Black Isle Brewery tent that was packed to the rafters. A few sound issues earlier on meant they didn’t take to the stage till later than billed which unfortunately cut into their set time. The first half was a blast through a downright dirty mix of Bluegrass Country folksy Cajun type stuff which more than made up for the wait.

Starting off with ‘Little Brown Boy’ and ‘Boo Hoo’ both of which are rousing tunes that mean foot stomping and howling like a mad man are an absolute must. I defy anyone to stay motionless while this group gets their groove on. Harmonies intertwined with some superb musicianship go a considerable way to show why the inimitable Dougie MacLean holds them in such high regard.

Slowing it down for the second half, we were treated to a song from the forthcoming EP to be released in October. ‘Sensitive Guy’ starts slowly and gradually builds with the plaintive wail of the harmonica as an accompaniment. Set closer ‘Pigeon Song’ was greeted with considerable enthusiasm, enough so that one young lady was even moved to tears. The refrain of ‘You will find the way home’ was sung with such heartfelt passion that you could hardly blame her.

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