A review of Fatherson playing the Garden stage on the 2nd of August at Belladrum 2013.

Fatherson 3

Ross Leighton made a solitary entrance to the stage to play “Islands” ahead of Fatherson’s set on the Garden stage. Once the rest of the band had joined him on stage, they immediately kicked in with “Hometown” and got the crowd moving.

Fatherson 2

The set included a mixture of fan favourites and a couple of new songs that will be appearing on their forthcoming debut album. Their new songs received good reactions from the crowd who were lapping up every second of the set.

Fatherson 4

With a mixture of their slower songs such as “Cat Stevens” and “Lights” as well as their more up tempo ones like “Kiteers” and “First Born” the crowd were constantly kept on their toes. In the mid-section of “Sailors Son” there’s the perfect opportunity for a crowd sing-a-long, to which they did not disappoint singing along in perfect harmony and leaving the Fatherson boys with smiles on their faces.

Fatherson 5

It was yet another beautifully executed performance from the alternative rock band from Kilmarnock. Ending spectacularly on “James” which always works well in a festival environment with the lyrics “so go home, sober up, take the weight off your feet and just chill” being sung back at the band by the crowd.

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Photos by Roddy McKenzie

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