A review of Lucy Spraggan playing the Hothouse stage stage on the 2nd of August at Belladrum 2013.

Lucy Spraggan at Belladrum 2013

There were queues of people outside the Hot House tent trying to fight their way in to catch a glimpse of rising star, Lucy Spraggan. She brought something wholly unique to the X Factor and managed to gain legions of fans, it seemed almost everyone at Belladrum was a fan.

The sing-alongs were massive, the crowd was bouncing and Lucy looked like she couldn’t be happier. Her set of hip-hop acoustic tunes were delivered impeccably to the delight of the packed tent.

With over 23 million views on youtube “Last Night” is easily one of her biggest hits, and it received an incredible reaction from the crowd who hung on every word. She auditioned for The X Factor with her own material , which has grown to be an internet sensation – the song I’m talking about is, of course, “Tea and Toast”. Before playing the song she told the story of the song and then proceeded to sing one of the most touching songs we’ve heard from a ‘hip-hop’ artist.

Lucy Spraggan at Belladrum 2013

Between songs she displayed her warm personality, and proved that no matter how much exposure she has received, she’s still a normal girl from Sheffield trying to make it in the music industry. Songs such as “Jeremy Kyle” about her love for the daytime TV maestro show how grounded she really is. Suddenly it was clear why the tent was so packed, Lucy is just another one of us – fulfilling her dreams.

You can read her recent interview with us.

Photos by Thomas Bisset, click  to contact the photographer.

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