A review of Rick Redbeard at the Grassroots stage, Belladrum, on Saturday the 3rd of August 2013.

Rick Redbeard is an unobtrusive bloke and wandered on stage shortly after McGinty and Co’ finished their set, he picked up his guitar launched into the first song before anyone was really aware what was going on, with most assuming he was sound checking! Caught on the hop a cluster of Bella punters quickly moved to the front to enjoy thirty minutes of mellow acoustic tunes that occasionally veered towards the maudlin. He chuckles as he says ‘ I think I’ll stick to songs in the key of A Minor, this one’s about murder… but he comes back to life… honest.’

Folk song ‘Kelvingrove’ was played to a less critical audience today than the one last night in Aboyne, apparently he didn’t get the words 100% correct and the ‘Traditional Music Police’ were most displeased for not fully respecting his heritage. Belladrum audiences are for more chilled out bunch though and forgave him any errors. Recognising that he was a bit downbeat for a Saturday night he grinned as he said, ‘lets see if we can put you all to sleep’. I might not have fallen asleep but I felt suitably rested after a nice wee set from Rick.

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