A review of Stealing Sheep at the Grassroots stage, Belladrum 0n the 3rd of August.

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Psychedelic, trippy, out there, folky, a bit weird, spaced out…. All words that I heard to describe Stealing Sheep this afternoon.

They describe themselves as: “Noisily drenched voodoo-pop from Liverpool, in the hazy shape of psychedelic folktronica. Medieval synths, hypnotic beats, spiraling whammy guitars, MYSTICAL harmonies and apocalyptic thunder drones”

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All of which seems fair enough, ferociously difficult to pin down to one particular style they drowned us in a wave of trippy noise accompanied by tribal drumbeats that wouldn’t sound out of place in a remake of the Wickerman. I can see Britt Eckland in that scene from the movie gyrating to a Stealing Sheep backing track.

Beneath the soundscape the underlying lyrics have a hint of menace as they threaten that ‘they will come for you’ and the reverbed guitar tone lends it an added eerie atmosphere. There’s echoes of Lush here, that’s ‘Spooky’ era Lush, not shite Britpop era Lush (I’ve never forgiven them for the ‘Single Girl’ debacle) or even a bit of Curve and Bat for Lashes.

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Simply put, if you like your music a bit ‘out there’ that doesn’t stick to the traditional and predictable verse-chorus-verse-bridge-chorus style of song-writing then give Stealing Sheep a listen. And lets not forget, the name is bloody brilliant too!

Photos by Frank Finlayson, click  to contact the photographer.

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