A review of Donnie Munro at amaSing on  Sunday 1st September, 2013.

Donnie Munro 1 399x600 - Donnie still pulls them in

Donnie Munro, fresh from his cameo at the Party On The Moor, gratefully accepted the baton (in the guise of a well warmed up crowd) from Davy Cowan and most certainly did not disappoint.

Donnie Munro 2 600x399 - Donnie still pulls them in


Perhaps testimony to his status the crowd swelled by a fair few and maintained the already heightened atmosphere, singing, clapping and dancing along from the off.  New material ‘Strangers to the Pine’ – the product of a collaboration with Blair Douglas – was well received but classics such a ‘Protect and Survive’ melted this audience.

Donnie Munro 3 594x600 - Donnie still pulls them in


I am always very pleasantly surprised at how only a few instruments can produce such a very full sound – in this instance two guitars and a fiddle. In that respect, and very much in the spirit of amaSing, Donnie was joined on stage by the young Shetland fiddler Maggie Anderson; one for the very near future I suspect.

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