A review of Alice Bentley, Jemma Tweedie and Josephine Sillars at amaSing 2013.

Alice Bentley 11 600x399 - Alice, Jemma and JosephineA good crowd turned out to watch Alice Bentley’s performance at The Highland Hotel, however, despite the crowd, the performance maintained an intimate feel. Bentley has a lovely stage presence. At times nervous, yet easy to relate to and friendly. Her song lyrics are so full of life for someone so young. Alice accompanies herself on Guitar and Ukulele.

Alice Bentley 21 600x399 - Alice, Jemma and Josephine

In addition to her own compositions, Alice puts her own unique slant on cover songs such as Sweet Nothing and Caledonia which were very well received by the crowd. I look forward to seeing this artist’s talent progress even further.

Jemma Tweedie 1 600x600 - Alice, Jemma and Josephine

Jemma Tweedie is a very talented performer and her powerful, husky tones were well received by the crowd at The Highland Hotel. The young singer/songwriter from Nairn told us of her upcoming EP which shall hopefully be out just before Christmas and played us some of the songs featuring on the EP.
Jemma Tweedie 3 600x600 - Alice, Jemma and Josephine
Two Hands especially left an impression on the crowd and the EP will be well worth a listen when it arrives.
Josephine Sillars 1 600x399 - Alice, Jemma and Josephine
The unique interior of the Richmond Hotel was well suited to this wonderful, quirky performance given by Josephine Sillars. Josephine has a very unique voice. Her song themes range from a number of topics, some very serious and moving (for example, a song inspired by her experience at the Belgian war graves), while others are more playful and amusing. Josephine conveys the messages she likes in the manner that she chooses and quite simply, it works.
Josephine Sillars 2 399x600 - Alice, Jemma and Josephine
For the last three songs she was joined by Mr Rotovator; obviously a multi-talented young man, he played both the clarinet and the saw which added a sonically interesting and humorous dimension to the set.

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