After the announcement that Colin Macleod had signed to Middle of Nowhere records, he releases his first EP with the label.

The Boy Who Trapped The Sun at Rockness 2013

The Anchor EP’ will be released on Monday 21st October and will be Colin’s first new material in three years since his days with Geffen Records as The Boy Who Trapped the Sun and the album ‘Fireplace’. Lead track ‘California’ was unveiled earlier this year via his YouTube channel and has been well received by festival audiences. The accompanying video featuring surfers off the West Coast of Lewis is particularly entrancing, proving that you don’t need to visit the West Coast of America to find the perfect wave.

Colin returned to the Isle of Lewis in 2011 and the EP was recorded at his home studio in a converted old green bus that looks over the Atlantic Ocean. He draws on his surroundings and has stated during recent live performances that he’s been inspired buy some of the local characters that can be found around the island.

Middle of the Nowhere Recordings is a small bespoke label based in the Highlands and Colin’s label mates include Rachel Sermanni, Roddy Hart and the Lonesome Fire and Pete Roe.

See our review of Colin at the Ironworks.

Click for Middle of Nowhere’s website and  Colin’s own website.

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