We chat to Cigarbox Don aka artist and musician Don Jack, and part of the Slim Panatellas. His exhibition of cartoons and homemade instruments (as well as a number of musical events) will come to IG:LU from the 28th of October to the 11th of November.


How did the forthcoming exhibition at Ig:lu come about?

I was visiting Robbie Mackintosh’s excellent show at Ig:LU and got on the chat with Graham Hanks….

The items that you make instruments from seem almost abstract from dog bowls to bike parts, where does the inspiration come from?

Found objects, I suppose is the term. The starting point was boxes; bowls work well as resonators and the bike parts started with a commission from Steve MacDonald at Squarewheels Cycles.

What is the secret in creating an instrument from scratch?

An open mind, I suppose. I don’t start with a complete idea of the finished product and allow for a degree of chance (serendipity) along the design process. Most projects start with an object and then comes the idea of what I might do with it.

What do you think of the impact of the likes of Seasick Steve in the popularity of DIY and /or recycling guitars and the like?

Big influence, I reckon, although the Cigarbox guitar revival movement was already well established. I see Steve as its brightest star.

What is life like as part of The Slim Panatellas?

A bit like building instruments – a mixture of planning and chaos! Being open to new ideas, old ideas and what comes along – and since we have still to have our first rehearsal , improvisation is as much a lifestyle as a musical skill.


The full music line-up for the event at IG:LU

Friday Nov 1 (by donation £8)

Suffering From Scottishness” Dumb Instrument and The Slim Panatellas

Sunday Nov 3 2pm (by donation £5 recomended)

Oldtimey Bluegrass Sessions & concert with Red Blues and Friends.

Saturday Nov 9 7.30pm (by donation £5 recommended)

Fash Stewart, The Federals, Emma Mitchel Band, & The Slim Panatellas. (by donation £5 Recommended)

Ig:LU exhibitions are open to the public, however to manage numbers effectively for night events, you’ll need to visit the website and pop your name down, there is limited seating space. To put your name on the list see Ig:Lu tickets.

You can see our review of Seasick Steve at Belladrum 2013.

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