Last Summer Effect play their last gig, before an “indefinite hiatus”, as part of the Halloween Fund raiser at Hootananny on the the 31st of October, 2013.

Last Summer Effect 2The band have been on the go for nearly five years, during which time they have managed to play Belladrum, MV Festival (both twice) and most recently supported Kassidy at Strathpeffer’s amaSing Festival.

I caught up with Stephen Bull, bassist for the band, and my first question was perhaps the most obvious, Why? Stephen replies “With Robbie’s (Tranter) commitment to his new band (Mountains Under Oceans),  he felt it would be best if he leave Last Summer Effect, so he can give his full effort to them” Stephen adds  ” [the decision is ] Understandable, as they are excellent”. Along with Robbie moving on, Michael’s, (the drummer), girlfriend is expecting their first child “imminently”, Stephen concedes ; “it was felt this was the time to call it a day.”

With that, unfortunately , means some unfinished business, Stephen on considering any regrets as a band said “we never got the chance to record our most recent songs in any more than demo form.” One track that they wish had been recorded in particular is “Lullaby”, ” we only played [the song] live four times. It’s the pinnacle of our musical and creative ability, and it’s a shame we won’t be able to take it further.”

Going back to the early days of the band, Stephen reflects “The main thing I took from our time as Carpe Diem, and I’m sure the whole band will agree, was the confidence to get up on a stage. Until playing together, none of us had had much experience playing shows, especially not to a room full of strangers.” Through the early gigs Stephen identified how important manners were ” We very quickly learnt that if we’re nice to people, they’re generally nice back, and so we all do our best to get on with everyone.”

TBP-Last-Summer-Effect-Ironworks-Inverness-DSC05490.jpgWhen asked about favourite experiences with the band the answer is clear, their Belladrum 2012 appearance on the Seedlings Stage. Stephen explained that the performance was a result of a lot of hard work ; “We spent the Thursday afternoon and Saturday morning flyer-ing along with our fox mascot and it paid off – we played to a packed Seedlings Stage in the middle of the day.” Stephen is keen to identify other gigs that stand out “We’ve also had some great shows at Hoots in Inverness, Tunnels in Aberdeen, and Nice N Sleazy in Glasgow, all of which I will remember forever. Most recent show we played, the amaSing festival is another one which we’ll all remember forever.”

Last Summer Effect 5So what’s next for the individual members of the band? Robbie’s new band (the aforementioned Mountains Under Oceans) have just finished their first tour and are working on their debut EP. Michael will soon be playing drums for a new musical project based in Glasgow. And as for the other two , Stephen and Chris plan to continue working together although.

On a personal note they are some of the nicest guys I have met on the music scene, I would challenge anyone who has experienced a Chris Fox hug or Stephen’s tenacity and enthusiasm for the music scene, for example, to argue other wise.

All of us at Inverness Gigs wish the guys the very best for the future.

Check out their facebook page as they are currently posting images and videos from their last five years.

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