A review of Fatherson ,and support Alice Bentley and Silver Coast, at the Ironworks on the 27th of October, 2013.

Fatherson make no secret of the fact they genuinely love heading up north to play shows in Inverness. On Sunday night they made their return and played the Ironworks as part of their “I Am An Island” tour.

Before the tour, Fatherson created a shortlist of local bands for fans in the area to pick who they wanted to support. Gaining the most votes and Fatherson’s approval were Alice Bentley and Silver Coast.

Alice Bentley 3Alice Bentley was first to take to the stage, bringing in tow Finnie and Lauren on fiddles. She charmed everyone with her incredibly honest and mature lyrics, and fun personality. Her set included many of the songs we’ve grown to know and love, including “17”, her spine-tingling cover of Foster The People’s “Pumped Up Kicks” and “French Fries” which she describes as her ‘Taylor Swift’ moment.

During her set she announced she is due to leave Scotland for Mexico next week. It will be a big loss to Inverness music scene, and I’m sure many will be sad to see her leave. In honour of this she indulged in a spot of Ceilidh music – a move highly endorsed by Chris Beltran of Fatherson who joined the crowd for the set and looked keen to burst into dance. She rounded off her set perfectly with the beautiful “Scottish Rain”; something she won’t have to contend with for much longer.

Silver Coast 4Silver Coast already have an impressively large collection of adoring fans who turned up to witness their set. Not a band for holding back, they immediately handed us their ace cards and flaunted their impressive talent. At times they reminded me of Twin Atlantic in their early days, which is in no way a bad thing if they manage to follow a similar path.

With every song they proved themselves to be a band to watch for the future. They treated us to a new song which was notably more intricate at times than some of their other songs, and sees lead singer, Aaron Murray reaching some impressively high notes. As well as this, they played crowd favourites such as “Standing on the Edge” and my personal highlight, “Grace”. From start to finish they displayed an incredible talent and it’s eminently clear they have a bright future ahead of them.

No Holding Back

Fatherson 2

Fatherson certainly didn’t hold back, bursting straight into their newest single “Mine For Me”, which has been receiving rave reviews since being released in August. The single is taken from their debut album “I Am An Island” which is due to be released early next year. Naturally, with the release of their album creeping up they played some new songs – including “I Like Not Knowing” which sees their sound mature slight, yet it still has Fatherson stamped all over it.

They ensured to please the crowd by playing some of their most loved songs, including “Hometown”, “Sailors Son”, “Kiteers” and “First Born”. The crowd sang along in all of the right places, causing the smiles on the band’s faces to grow with each moment.

At times their songs appear to be effortlessly beautiful, they truly put their all into their live performances to ensure they putting on the best show they can. It’s almost impossible to not get completely captivated whilst watching Fatherson live.

Playing “James” last will have, undoubtedly, left everyone leaving singing ‘so go home, sober up, take the weight off your feet and just chill’ for the rest of the night. A truly stunning way to end their set.

I don’t know how they do it, but they did it again – Fatherson made me fall in love with music.

More photos of the night.

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