There is something about creating a poll, some people hate them some people love them, but the intent is a genuine one; to try to get  perspective from people who go to gigs.

Certainly the poll has created strong interest and so we decided we would give you a taste of where the vote was going so we are going to announce the current top three acts or events in each category (please.

So without further ado (and in no order) ;

Which local (Inverness and area) act has most impressed you in 2013?


The Stellars

The Whiskys

Which local (Inverness and area) solo act has most impressed you in 2013?

Dylan Tierney

Jemma Tweedie

Meeeshelle Newell

Which band had the best live performance (local based act) in 2013?

Toby Michaels Rolling Damned


Leonard Jones Potential

What is your favourite song from a local band for 2013?

Megan Blyth – The Devil’s Own

Toby Michaels Rolling Damned – A Little Bit of What You Fancy (Does you Good)

Silver Coast – Believe

Which local act do you most look forward to hearing more about in 2014?

Dylan Tierney

Megan Blyth

Toby Michaels Rolling Damned

Which gig (non-local act) did you most enjoy in 2013?

Bastille – The Ironworks

The Darkness – The Ironworks

AMWWF – Strathpeffer Pavilion

What was your favourite local festival of 2013?

Brew at the Bog



Which festival headliner did you most enjoy in 2013?

James – Belladrum

Fatherson – Brew at the Bog

Twin Atlantic – Belladrum

We will be going into a lot more depth with numbers when the final results from the poll are taken (after it’s closed at midnight on the 22nd of December).

Click to Vote  and remember it’s just for fun (and great for us to know which bands you guys like knowing about).

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