Having impressed us at the Summer Showcase in 2013, Devil’s Queen are back on the scene after a change of a drummer. As they prepare for their performance at the Easter Showcase, we speak to Will Crawford about the band.

Andy Nisbet, formerly of Toecutter has joined the band.
Andy Nisbett, formerly of Toecutter has joined the band

You have had a personnel changes since the last time we saw you guys, can you tell us about the changes?

Yes we have a new drummer Andy Nisbet formerly of Toecutter which has been a real pleasure for us. Also we had been trying out serveral options on guitar but nothing seemed to quite fit we dont want add someone just for the sake of adding someone and quickly realise that as a four we seem alot tighter.

How have the changes affected the sound and direction of the band?

With Andy on the kit, like all drummers he bring his on feel to the songs and I would say that we sound like we have more energy direction and more aggression.

How did your first gig with the new line-up go at The Eagle?

The first gig with the new line up was actually at Mad Hatters in January but we felt that we needed to take sometime out to write new material and work on making what currently have better. The gig at the Eagle went really well and was a nice warm up before the Easter Showcase.

Stewart McArthur playing at the Summer Showcase, 2013
Stewart McArthur playing at the Summer Showcase, 2013

How are you feeling about taking to the Ironworks stage for the Easter showcase?

We are really looking forward to the Easter Showcase from what we hear it is selling really well and we plan on playing a couple of new songs at the show.

Which bands, local and or national, do you guys see as inspiration and why?

We seek inspiration from all over. People will hear the obvious ones in our music, but to be honest if its good music we will take note regardless of genre and look to see if we can add it to our sound. We are always trying to improve.

What do you think of the local music scene at the moment, and which acts are you most looking forward to seeing at the showcase?

The local scene is in a very healthy state at the moment bands seem to be cropping up all over the place and there seems to be more people attending local shows again which can only be a good thing. As for the showcase there is alot of talent on display some I have to admit I have not seen live before so I am looking forward to whole event I really believe its one not to be missed.

What’s next for Devil’s Queen?

Well we have a few gigs already booked for the summer and a lot more songs to finish writing. It’s festival season so we are looking towards that and finally we will look to release a Single or EP for the end of the summer.

Tickets for the Easter Showcase, to be held on the 20th of April are available via the bands or The Ironworks.

You can keep track of Devil’s Queen via Facebook and read our coverage of the Ironworks’ Showcases.