Fat Goth at Belladrum 2013Now usually the first thing that pops into your mind upon hearing you have the opportunity to see “Fat Goth” performing in Inverness, you wonder if that lap dancing club on Academy Street has let itself go, or is branching out into a niche market. Fortunately this is not the case (as far as I know), as the aforementioned Fat Goth are a Dundonian three-piece known for their heavy riffs and relentless energy.

Fat Goth at Belladrum 2013
Fat Goth at Belladrum 2013

Clearly influenced by some classic rock and heavy metal greats, “Fat Goth” bring their own concoction of these to the party, probably laced with (more) weed and cocaine, resulting in what sounds similar to what it’d be like if people took Andrew WK seriously, yet still not THAT seriously. If heavy metal or stoner rock is your kind of thing then “Fat Goth” are someone you should definitely be checking out.

The band will be gracing Mad Hatters on May 30th as part of their tour to promote their third album “One Hundred Percent Suave”, which is released May 12th. Highly praised by many in the music press, and referenced in Kerrang’s Pandora comic, “Fat Goth” are attempting to enter your consciousness. Whether you like it or not.

Supporting this show will be Inverness’ own The Little Mill of Happiness,whose layered guitar driven tracks are complimented by the fantastic growling of Steve Obern, probably one of the best front men for any Invernessian band ever.

So there you have it. For those about to rock, tickets for the Netsounds Unsigned and Mad Hatters presentation are on sale on line now.

That doesn’t mean you don’t have to rock out yourself in the meantime.