Given the recent popularity of Bandwagon in recruiting acts for local events, here are some pointers* that may help your application standout.

  1. Create a customised username so instead of you get To change your user name go to Edit Your Profile then General and then Username.
  2. For your biography and in fact all of the sections you can use html to add various elements to your application this includes simple elements such as spaces or bold letters to hyperlinks (there is no reason why images and embedding clips would not work but we have not tried it).
  3. Do ensure that all your material is proof read (yes we know :)).
  4. For images you are permitted to use .gif essentially animation, we have not seen it used, yet.
  5. Your primary image will be cropped to a square, so you may wish to check that the image looks correct.
  6. For the media section you can include the most recent soundcloud embed, essentially the newest version includes a bigger image to accompany your tune.
  7. For tech spec, you may if you know html (see above) include a link, but if not it still makes sense to include as much information as you can.
  8. When writing your section on press, do include reviews prioritising the ones that best reflect your music. (* There is some great advice included by Matthew Young of Song, By Toad that can certainly be adapted for use when you are building any promotional material)
  9. Remember that you are essentially trying to get employment, let the music do the talking, perhaps, but what’s wrong with showing that you take your work seriously?
  10. When submitting an application you can change the message that is sent to the event organiser, a personalised approach does go a long way.
  11. Your Bandwagon account is a live document, so you can change it as many times as you want even after submission. (In saying that you can not tell what version has been read and considered.)

Got any other tips for using Bandwagon, please feel free to add them in comments.

*Please note all of the above refer to the free version of Bandwagon and can change as the platform develops.