Twin Atlantic are to play four Northern dates as part of the ‘Heart and Soul of the Highlands’ Tour in May.

The tour comes shortly before release of ‘Heart and Soul’ the debut single from new album ‘Great Divide’ which is out later in the summer. Sam McTrusty described the development of the new album “90% of Great Divide was written in the back of the tour bus. Our adrenaline was through the roof because, for the first time, thousands of people had come to see us. You can’t hear 10,000 people singing a chorus back at you and not be changed by it.”

Twin Atlantic at Belladrum 2014
Twin Atlantic at Belladrum 2014
No strangers to the area, and indeed one of those high profile gigs, was having headlined Belladrum Festival on the Friday night of the event’s tenth year. Regarding the slot, Danielle Wilson concluded her review “It’s been far too long since they were in this part of the country, and you could tell they were sorely missed.”

Craig Neale, drummer of the band said in an interview with the band last year; “I think we definitely all do occasionally [enjoy playing smaller venues], but the thrill of putting on bigger shows has definitely outweighed that.

When we started out and got to play these crazy shows in tiny venues within a year or so, it really did feel like we’d be content doing that forever.

But once we got to start playing slightly bigger shows we realised how much more exciting that can be. In those tiny shows we could kind of play horribly and the fact there was so much energy in the room would make that irrelevant – but now we actually have to think about how to construct the show and how to take it to the next level to impress people that aren’t 10cm away from the people on stage.”

The gig at Strathpeffer Pavilion, on Monday the 19th of May, (other dates as above) is an impressive coup for a venue that has previous hosted the likes of Kaiser Chiefs and Frightened Rabbit.

Tickets will be available via Ticketmaster on Monday the 28th of April.