The “genuine American troubadour”, Charlie Roth return to the UK in June 2014 following on from last years tour which included a performance at the Northern Roots Festival.

Coming from Madison Minnesota, Charlie  “is a one man, singing, stomping, rack harp playing, guitar picking, storytelling machine”.

"People like to laugh and have a good time. Learn some funny songs to balance out the sad ones."
“People like to laugh and have a good time. Learn some funny songs to balance out the sad ones.”

He certainly makes no secret of his affinity for the area, he explains in an interview with Inverness Gigs last year; “I think a lot of Americans feel when they visit the place where their gene pool developed that they have a strong sense of returning home. On my first visit to the highlands back when ‘Broken Ground’ came out in 2010, I was so overwhelmed by the beauty of the place I guess you can say I fell in Love.”

In the same interview he talked about his influences; “I look at real life and also make up some characters and situations. I am kind of schizophrenic as a writer, because I have made my living playing all genres of music (blues, country, folk, rock, and Celtic being the main ones) I write for and from all those genres.”

His tour takes him to the Highlands including a house concert in Invergordon and is headliner at the inaugural American Cavalcade on the 7th of June. Charlie is making no secret of looking forward to the festival; “Americana Cavalcade show in Perth. I will be featured as one of the headliners and backed by the band Vanity Fare of ‘Hitchin’ a Ride’ fame also headlining that day. A great honor indeed. We will flat out tear it up!!”

Check out Charlie Roth’s Facebook page and get tickets for Americana Cavalcade here.

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