Friday the 13th saw the quick return of Poor Things to Inverness following a slot at GoNorth little over a week before. Support on the night was from Glasgow’s Swinging Mables.

swinging mables
” (Swinging Marbles) were able to pull together a varied set drawing strength from Kris’s vocal especially when he really put it through its paces”

The curse of Friday the 13th struck early on for Swinging Mables when lead singer Kris Docherty was left without his guitar when his guitar amp blew early in the set. However, undeterred they still were able to pull together a varied set drawing strength from Kris’s vocal especially when he really put it through its paces.

It always worries me when an extra wanders onto the stage but tonight this was all planned when they introduced a slice of rap into the tail end of their slot which mixed well with Kris’s vocal. Not a band I’d heard of before, but one I’m sure I will hear again.

Very evenhandedly Friday the 13th also struck to bring down the guitar amp of Poor Things’ Craig Angus! They also worked it as best they could, with the help of the sound crew, to give as best an account of themselves as they could. The gig was the last in their world tour of the UK and France and gave them the opportunity to let their audiences hear tracks from their recently released self-titled album.

There is a real freshness to Poor Things, not just in their songs but also their banter between songs. Who else would dedicate a song to Colin Hendry. Ok, it was ‘1998’ and they are very much football fans. That freshness is also reflected in the way that Craig Angus and Richard Stratton swap between lead on vocals keeping their sets focused and varied.

With goNorth behind them and a quick return to Mad Hatters under their belt here’s hoping that they make it north again for the Seedlings tent at Bella this year. I couldn’t help but notice that they weren’t on the goNorth listing for Wickerman so hopefully their loss will be our gain.


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