One of our series of interviews with the acts of the Summer Ironworks Showcase, we speak to Donna Smith drummer for Shaped about the Showcase, life in the band and Reading/Leeds :)

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Donna Smith from Shaped
Can you introduce yourself and tell us a little about your music?

We are SHAPED… a 3 piece pop/rock/pop punk band from the Highlands. We have been quite a lazy band for a couple of years until 2013 when we decided to try gigging but really didn’t know if we could. First gig was in Hootananny’s early 2013 and we loved it, despite being completely paralysed with fear, and haven’t looked back. (still have the fear)

Our music is generally fun, upbeat and noisy, but we do have a couple of serious numbers too.

How has 2014 been shaping up for you and your music?

2014 has been pretty exceptional for us as a band as we have been lucky enough to get out and play more gigs, different venues including the Ironworks for the Summer Showcase and have also had two festival slots announced within a few months of each other. One being GoNORTH in June and I believe off the back of this we have now been announced to play the Seedlings Stage at Belladrum which this time last year was something we would have never imagined happening. Ever!

We are currently working on new material and hope people like what they hear. But we will play it even more if you hate it :D (Shameless plug – Belladrum – Friday 8th – Seedlings Stage – 3:35pm!)

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“Pop punk, especially with a Stateside twist can be fun as Shaped proved” review of Shaped at The Eagle
How does it feel to be playing the showcase and how important are these events for the music scene?

As with all gigs we’re booked for we feel awesome to be asked and appreciate the chance to play. With the Showcase being set in the Ironworks, one of the biggest venues in the Highlands, this one is extra special and we are really excited to play on such a big stage.

Events like this are really important for the local and wider music scene as they can help unknown artists get some recognition and allow for new musicians to increase their audiences and confidence especially playing in such a significant venue. Its also a great way for musicians to hear other bands and form good working/sexual relationships.

Which bands are you looking forward to seeing at the showcases and why?

Listening to Silver Coast and Bite Night will be good as we’ve played with these guys before so know they will bring something special….
Bar these too we are really keen to hear all the other artists as we haven’t had a chance to hear much of their stuff so it will all be quite fresh.

What have you got planned for the rest of the year?

The rest of the year will be spent writing more songs with some recording and gigs in between but we wont be pushing for too many until we’re happy with the new material. Maybe play Reading & Leeds and consider the 02 arena but its early days yet!! ;)

We’ve got a 3 tracks online at the moment which can be heard here but they still need a tweak …bass is very quiet and the page is in progress! –

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