Megan Blyth plays Mad Hatters on the 2nd of August at The Bothy, Hootananny.

Megan Blyth 2 300x199 - Megan to play The Bothy
“I guess it’s kind of indie, folk, rock…That’s my intention anyway. I want to avoid the whole ‘folk’ thing though. As soon as someone sees a female onstage with an acoustic guitar they immediately class it as folk or get compared to any other female who has ever been onstage with an acoustic guitar.” Megan Blyth 2011

It is fair to say that Megan has been very quiet of late, so it is a very welcome return for the singer-songwriter. The gig marks the digital launch of her EP ‘The Devil’s Own’ , following in the footsteps of her self-titled 2012 issue.

The most recent EP saw a change of tone for the Megan, “Dark” our reviewer described it as before adding “but with a very silver lining” (Full review of Devil’s Own).

Megan has a flurry of positive reviews including her performances including  when she was supporting Emma’s Imagination. Our reviewer noted;

“It’s near impossible to not end up completely captivated when she takes to the stage, she flaunts incredibly intricate guitar skills and her lyrics are alarmingly deep at times”.

Rounding of a strong night of local talent she will be supported by Lionel (playing an acoustic set) .

Read Megan’s first ever interview from 2011.


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