Little Comets are champions of indie-rock from Tyne and Wear whose debut “One Night in October” gained significant recognition including support from various Radio 1 DJs.

They have since released two album with work on a third ongoing. Fresh from another USA tour, we catch up with band prior to their slot at Belladrum 2014.

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“Little Comets demonstrated why we fell in love with indie in the first place, by stripping it back to its roots and giving us the perfect excuse to dance around senseless without a single care in the world.” Clash Website

Luke Nightingale in a very positive review for the band on the Clash website, described Little Comets as “pay [ing] homage to good ol’ fashioned indie”. So how does Indie fit into the music scene now? “I’m not really sure if true indie music exists really within the main stream? Not sure if that’s where it belongs. If you take punk as an example, the whole point of that genre of music was as a counter culture, that’s the way I feel about indie music.”

The band also comment about the evolving nature of defining music “Genres are forever changing (which is a good thing) so I think it’s more about what the individual takes from the music, not what box it has been put in.”

Little Comets, perhaps even more than most bands have experienced the ups and downs of the music industry, among their defining moments they identify “Signing to Sony, Columbia was the first one. I think at the time it’s something we all wanted and almost sought after, getting a major record deal. The second was then getting dropped by Columbia really.”

However from that created a different mindset, they explain ” Maybe not the actual dropping, more our attitude that followed. We just decided that it was their loss and we would pick ourselves up and soldier on.”

The band recently returned from another run of dates in America which saw them play New York and Philadelphia. The trip was not without it’s excitement given their accommodation arrangements “The states was a lot of fun! We had such a good time, even with staying in a drug den in Brooklyn…”.

The international recognition is an obvious boost for the band; “The festivals were great too, lots of people and most of them singing along. It’s still quite strange to play gigs in different countries and continents, so far away from home and yet people still know our songs.”

Despite an impressive tour schedule, the band announced at the beginning of the year that they planned a series of EPs and an album for 2014. The thinking behind the plan? “Well, everyone love a plan, that was the first thought behind the plan ;-)”.

The scheduled releases also appear to be a response to being free from label control “I think we thought it would be great to release so much new music, because we could. In the past we have had record labels to give us the OK to put things out, or do videos and what have you.”

The release of EPs also help build momentum towards the album “we thought about what we wanted to achieve with the next album, putting 3 EPs in will hopefully help the album when it comes to February.”

Before the album of course, is a return to Belladrum, a festival that they first played in 2011, “Can’t wait!” the band respond, recalling, “last time we were there we had our lunch with Echo and the Bunnymen, that was pretty cool. Only thing was, Mickey started asking them strange questions which I think scared them away… Maybe we can try again with Tom Jones or something.”

The band can be found on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (search for littlecomets).

You can catch Little Comets at Belladrum on the 8th of August (Stage TBC) and if your wanting to get some merch from the band they have a sale at the moment (including recent release ‘Salt’);

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