Photographs of the first Summer Ironworks Showcase.

Caroline Truslove 4 530x353 - Showcase Snaps
“This evenings opening ceremony is entrusted to Caroline Truslove. Flanked by her usual collaborators Ian Mackenzie on guitar and Calum Chisholm on cajon she seems far more relaxed and at ease”
Penniless Moth 2 530x353 - Showcase Snaps
“Topher looking and sounding like James Taylor but generating the intensity of John Lydon (no, seriously) let rip, opening up the guitar with his fellow lepidopteran Neil Mackenzie to good effect.”
DSC 0637edit1 530x262 - Showcase Snaps
“Summer means Shaped. Stepping straight off the brilliant NME C86 three disc box set, they’ve really hit on a sound and attitude that belongs to the 80’s but one which they have dragged into the here and now, revamped, updated, put it through a contemporary rinse on full spin and now they can call it theirs”
Ewan McConologue 21 530x353 - Showcase Snaps
Ewan McConologue
Bite Night 8 530x353 - Showcase Snaps
“The curtains swish to reveal Bite Night. They always take care to have a cohesive ‘look’ going any time I have seen them and tonight is no different, it’s often sadly neglected so I for one appreciate it. The big stage suits them and they don’t look the least bit of out place.”
DSC 0751edit1 530x353 - Showcase Snaps
“Strong resonant, melodic vocals with shades of Father John Misty or Paddy Casey about them, but still distinctly Michael’s voice. He’s not a man to shy away from a memorable melody, a lively rhythm or a hopeful lyric. “
The Oxides 3 530x297 - Showcase Snaps
“what they do they do extremely well. They are well rehearsed, have a significant catalogue and are great to watch:”

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