Review of Hector Bizerk on the Seedlings stage at Belladrum, 9th of August, 2014.

Hector Bizerk 12 530x353 - Hector's Art
Hector Bizerk are ordinarily an experimental hip hop duo from Glasgow

For those festival go-ers who didn’t fancy the headliners Razorlight on Saturday night, there were plenty of great alternatives.

I went along to see Hector Bizerk in the goNorth Seedlings Stage. Hector Bizerk are ordinarily an experimental hip hop duo from Glasgow however on stage last night drummer Audrie and rapper Louie were joined on stage by a guitarist and a second drummer.

Hector Bizerk 15 530x353 - Hector's Art
“Double the drum kits, double the fun I’d say”

Double the drum kits, double the fun I’d say. They really had the crowd going Louie’s unique rapping coupled with the amazing sound coming from the drums and guitar. There were visual elements to their show, as they were joined on stage by artist Pearl Kinnear.

Hector Bizerk 14 530x356 - Hector's Art

Pearl often joins HB on stage and whilst they get the crowd going crazy, she paints a canvas in stage. As the set goes on, the painting begins to unfold. I caught up with Pearl after the show to find out more about this visual element. She is basically free to draw what comes to mind but always try to get the classic Hector Bizerk ‘mask’ in which is commonly recognised as their logo.

I asked what happens to the canvas’ once they are finished and apparently they are used to soundproof the band’s studio!

If you missed Hector Bizerk in favour of Razorlight or would love to see them again, rumour has it they will be playing the Ironworks. Not on the listings yet, but watch this space!

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