Review of Jacob and Rory Green on the Free Range Stage at Belladrum, 9th of August, 2014.

1 RoryandJacobGreen MusicPlus Belladrum 300x200 - Made itThe brothers Jacob and Rory Green were one of the acts who were chosen by Music Plus to play at the festival.

Introduced on the stage by Bob Bull, as combining their ‘youth with roots’. In other words – the boys mix their use of traditional instruments with modern, youthful vocals and lyrics. And, in my opinion, it works really well. Rory Green takes the bulk of the vocal responsibility, also playing guitar whilst Jacob plays the accordion assists on vocals.

The addition of the accordion is what really sets their sound apart from the crowd, giving a traditional, fun backdrop to their self written lyrics. Songs such as ‘The Gentleman’s Apocalypse’ really show off their talent for songwriting.

It was a steady paced set which pleased the audience, even if the boys were possibly err…a little worse for wear, following a couple of days at the festival. At one point it seemed like they may struggle to make it to the end of their set but a crowd member spurred them on – ‘we think you’re quite good!’.

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