Eden Court, usually the venue for theatrics, ballet and music for the more discerning taste, will truly be kicked and beaten if only in a ‘pretend’ sense, when top tribute rock band ‘The Guns N’ Roses Experience’ arrive to play the One Touch theatre on Sunday 12th October.

‘The Experience’ have crafted their sound based on the originals to a point where some of the current and former members of Guns N’ Roses have given the high praise; “Your singer is awesome” said former guitarist Gilby Clarke, “Awesome. The singer is an uncanny resemblance to Axl in every way, total doppelganger” commented Eric Dover from the band ‘Slash’s Snakepit’.

In fact, they boast of having the only tribute version in the world where their Axl also plays the piano just like the real thing.Shows have taken them across Europe, the UK and as far as Dubai, so their high reputation precedes them.

Quotes from their own website include; ‘With a true Guns N Roses sound and stage show, Gn’RE meticulously recreate every visual detail and every musical note to capture that reckless spirit of the original Guns N Roses legendary high octane live performances.’

‘The Guns N Roses Experience perform a bone crushing 2 hour set with all the essentials covered welcome to the Jungle, Sweet Child o’ Mine, Knocking on heavens door, Rocket Queen, Live and Let Die and so much more.’

Having watched various YouTube clips available online that features the band, I would have to say they look and sound pretty close to the real thing. Axl sounds very very close both in looks, sound and tone to the real thing.

Certainly worth a look if you want to experience something close to the original. Lets face it, the original line-up and experience will probably never happen in real life so this is a good alternative.

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Mark has played in various bands, firstly in the late 80s to early 90s then more recently with The Wildflowerz and now 'all the Colors'. He has a media background heavily involved in music that has seen him design album covers for Charlie Landsbourgh, write articles on bands like Big Country for newspapers such as the Inverness Courier to promoting the likes of Nik Kershaw on his Scottish tour. You can contact Mark at Mark@Invernessgigs.co.uk