Casual Sex with support from Bite Night at Hootananny, Inverness on the 9th of October,2014. A Review.

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Bite Night playing their recent EP Launch

Fresh from the release of their debut EP downstairs in Hootananny, Bite Nite returned with a support slot for Casual Sex. The numbers may not have been there early doors but it didn’t stop Ben and the boys from cramming in a half hour set to keep the evening moving.

They’ve come a long way over the last year and their early promise has brought about a lot of cohesion as they bring together their strengths. The early leanings which pointed to a more mainstream guitar based sound have developed towards a more focused indie lads badge. They wear it well, and what’s more it’s still developing. For Bite Nite, watch this space.

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“Casual Sex are a band that make you stand up and take notice”

Casual Sex are a band that make you stand up and take notice; they defy the current genrefication of bands to poke their noses in the 80s and sniff out what is acceptable in the current age. And that is what makes them what they are. I’ve lived the 80s, I’ve even bought the T-shirts, The Beat was my favourite but that is another story.

Casual Sex, though, bring it back without the cheese, without the leg warmers, and without, to be honest, that feeling that you are trapped in the 80s or that you are even there.

 You are trapped though to the point that you don’t want to leave. The art school kids would be nodding their heads as the influences are subtly revealed.

Take ‘The Bastard Beat’ with everything but the kitchen sink thrown in; Simple Minds stadium intro, stripped back retro rap and a Bowie-esque vocal is a whirlpool of sensual delight.

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“Casual Sex, sensual sex, or just pure sex? Whatever, they hit the spot.”

Generally the songs are sharp, never epic in length, but equally always gargantuan. ‘A Perfect Storm’ reaches high with its Enola Gay beat meets Ultravox start and draws you forward. There is so much to immerse yourself, and enjoy, in each song.

The brilliance of Casual Sex is that the sail close to the wind on so many influences but leave you within touching distance but never quite getting there.

Casual Sex are the band that so many bands could have been if they had taken a different turn.

Their turn was a turn in the right direction. Casual Sex, sensual sex, or just pure sex? Whatever, they hit the spot. Probably the best band I have heard this year. They have an album out soon. I will buy it, so should you. I can’t say anymore than that.

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