Rachel Sermanni plays the Eden Court as part of her biggest headline tour to date in October the release of her new live album. We catch up to Rachel to talk about the album, lessons that she has learned and the best question she was never asked.

What was the thinking behind releasing ‘Live In Dawson Cityir?t=wwwinvernessg 21&l=as2&o=2&a=B00NB4D1OE - Rachel for Court’?

Rachel Sermanni 4 199x300 - Rachel for Court
Rachel on her last appearance at the Eden Court for Northern Roots 2014.

The thinking behind this album was quite unconscious. Jen Austin (piano), Jimi Troup (sound wizard) and I went to the Yukon for Dawson City music Festival in August last year. We had a big good time. SO much fun. And Jimi just so happened to record the concert we played in the Palace Grand.

Lying on some airport floor in transit to Calgary Folk Festival, we listened to the performance and liked it. At which point, the thinking became a little more focussed and we thought: perhaps this could be released.
And so it was.

What gives you the biggest sense of achievement in your professional life?

I am very happy with all the recordings made. The first album: Under Mountains and the EP’s: The Bothy Sessions, The Boatshed Sessions, Everything Changes… I am a proud mother to them.

I am also, recently, very happy to have completed the creation of 4 hand bound sonnet books that were sent out as part of a Pledge Music campaign that finished early this year.
The books were beautiful.

What are your goals for your music now?

I have the guts of a new album recorded. I’d like for it to be ready for release in the early of new year.
Then I will travel from place to place – starting in Europe and then crossing the Atlantic – with it for my sail.

rachel 200x300 - Rachel for Court
“Rachel Sermanni exists on a continuum somewhere between Tabitha from Bewitched and Galadriel. She is charming, beguiling, otherworldly and yes, bewitching.”

Despite selling out your previous local gigs, how does it feel to be headlining the Eden Court ?

I am excited for this. I think Eden Court is a wonderful venue and Inverness is very jammy to have such a place in the palm of it’s little city hand.

I think all the quality tech stuff will allow for full concentration to be put into the songs without concern for any glitches. And, playing for home people is nice.

Local acts are often maligned for not venturing far away from their locality, arguably you have done the opposite with gigs all over the globe. What are the biggest lessons you have learned on your travels?

Ha. SO many lessons.

Travelling is a good way to open the mind. Although, interesting that, I’ve met a few who are well travelled and their minds are quite closed; confuses me that you could be so narrow minded whilst being exposed to the vastness of EARTH.

But yes. I have learnt a lot of how to be myself through all the other people I have seen being completely themselves, through all the good books I’ve read, in the music I have heard and that I have played. It is all a lesson and it is a wide and unconscious sort of learning…

What music touches you particularly at the moment?

I heard Sam Amidon singing upon a Nico Muhly produced piece called The Millpond. It moved my insides like stars in the water.

You have always had the knack of having the support of some very talented musicians around you, how do you explain this?

I cannot. Hopefully it is a question of being a reasonably easy person to get along with and have a jam with.

I like to share music. All the people I end up hanging out with also have this ethos.

You must have done a million of these interviews, is there ever a question you were dying to be asked?

Emm. Nope. nothing burns in me. If I needed to say something, I suspect, I wouldn’t need a question to get it out of me.

Rachel plays the Eden Court on the 26th of October. Tickets are available online.