ATOMIC BLONDIE at The Ironworks Nov 1st 2014. A Review.

"Blondie fans were dancin' and singing as Debz performed all the hits!"
“Blondie fans were dancin’ and singing as Debz performed all the hits!”

I wasn’t a fan of tribute bands, however when the drum beat leapt from the stage, the guitars and keyboards pealed out and on walked ‘Debz’ as Atomic Blondie, I thought WOW! I am now!

Debz exploded on stage and played her audience, living and breathing Debbie Harry’s every move, her voice and even American accent!

The image backed with great vocals and tight musicianship from the Cardiff based band. Sadly her mic didn’t kick in on time spoiling the launch into ‘Heart of Glass’ but we all gave rapturous applause when her voice came through crystal clear!

Blondie fans were dancin’ and singing as Debz performed all the hits! A spot on show with stunning costumes (see more pictures here), from the bin liner and ‘Vulture Tee’, to sexy red shirt and thigh length boots, then black and white striped leggings.

Superb light effects and Debz vocals fronting terrific keyboard, lead guitar, bass and drums. A professional, fun, explosive and engaging tribute to one of rock music’s greatest female legends.

Atomic Blondie 15
A spot on show with stunning costumes

In fun, Debz asked ” who owned the album ‘Parallel Lines’, who had it on vinyl and who didn’t know what vinyl was?” The album, now 30 years old hasn’t dated as the new Blondie Tour reaches fresh audiences.

She sang ‘Pretty Baby’ (written about Brooke Shields) rolling on the floor with the mic and living the part!

The band studied every detail to make it an authentic experience and their first time in Inverness was warmly welcomed by the Iron Works crowd. Atomic Blondie gives a an amazing tribute show that gets all Blondie and rock n roll fans up on their feet!