We caught up with Miriam Campbell of Rock ‘N’ Rollers Mir and talk about their new line-up, playing live and ,of course, what they she wants for Christmas…

Introducing the new line-up for MIR
Introducing the new line-up for MIR

There have been a couple of new additions to the band, can you introduce them?

Keith Robinson is our new guitarist he has played with us before a few times he’s pretty awesome. Michael Margetson is our new drummer who was actually suggested to us by Keith and after the first jam I couldn’t sleep with excitement so I new he was a keeper, a beat keeper if you will. Nudge nudgers. ;) You have most likely seen them both gigging out and about in the Inverness circuit.

Your last interview with in 2013 described the year as “… nothing but shaped chaos. We have enjoyed every minute.” Music wise, how has 2014 been in comparison?

2014 has still been a busy year with band and solo gigs. We feel like we hit the ground running now it time to find our feet again and looking to start the new with as much gusto and new recordings on the horizon.

 Rob Ellen described Miriam Campbell  as “Scotland's Little Miss Dynamite”
Rob Ellen described Miriam Campbell as “Scotland’s Little Miss Dynamite”

Rob Ellen described Mir as “Scotland’s Little Miss Dynamite”, how do you feel about this description?

I feel alright with that yes, ha ha I’ve been called many’s a thing so I’ll take that one.

Which songs do you most look forward to playing on stage and why?

If I’m very honest I would sing the phone book (do they even still exist?) if I was asked but every song has it’s moments. The more up tempo ones such as ‘Made M’e and ‘Secret’ have great energy for dancing whereas Roses or Rainbows have a warm homely feel.  I love singing and playing them all just as long as we create the right feeling for every song then job well done.

As a band very much steeped in Rock n Roll, who are your heroes of the genre, and how do you feel about the contemporary Rock n Roll scene?

Thank you, if there was ever anything I’d like to be steeped in then that’d be one of them. Ohhhh  now……Johnny  Burnette,  Fats Domino, Big Mamma Thornton, Buddy Holly, Laverne Baker, Little Richard, Del Shannon. I think there  will always be a Rock ‘n’ Roll scene.  I love JD Mcpherson, they are just what the doctor ordered.

Whats on the agenda for Mir in 2015? A little birdy told us that perhaps some recordings might be on the horizon?

Yes indeed some recording will be happening and a video too, we just need to work out which song first. More gigging and just being generally as proactive as we can.

How are you feeling about taking to the stage for Yule Gig?

We are all looking forward to it to say the least, MIR can’t wait to play such a renowned venue.  We will have a warm  up gig in The Market Bar on 22nd Nov and then The Pavillion.

Any other bands that you are looking forward to hearing at Yule Gig?

All the acts to be honest. Not sure we have caught any of them live so happy days all round.

Santa is feeling generous this year, what would you like?

Oh Father Chris…..tmas, see what I did there. It has to be peace on earth and I would like a garden gnome called Bill.

You can keep track of Mir via Facebook.

Tickets for Yule Gig are available online and via the button below

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