The Xcerts play Ironworks as part their UK tour in April.

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“We’re delighted to announce our first headline tour of 2015.”

The Xcerts were once described by The List as “laying down a royal racket that ticks every box of instantaneousness” indeed their 2011 release  of ‘Scatterbrain’ saw the band win many many fans.

One such fan was Mike Dulce, frontman for Lower than Atlantis  having described them in an interview as “Great band, great songs, nice guys.”

We were lucky enough to catch the guys prior to their rain drenched BFest appearance in 2013 at which time the process of making the follow up to Scatterbrain.

Since the release of the new album ‘There Is Only You’ they continue to wow fans, including PopCop who named it album of the year.

The band come to Inverness promoting new single, ‘I Dont Care’ which will be released as a single on April 20th.

“We’re delighted to announce our first headline tour of 2015.” said front man Murray Mcleod adding “We are planning on playing the majority of ‘There Is Only You’ if not the whole thing which we haven’t done before so we are really looking forward to these shows.

The reaction to the record has been incredible and in conjunction with the tour, we are releasing ‘I Don’t Care’ as a single which already seems to be a favourite for a lot of folks. See you all in April.”

The Xcerts play The Ironworks on the 16th of April, 2015, tickets on sale via The Ironworks website.