The LaFontaines announce Spectrum for March, 2015.

The Kerr Okan fronted band are quite simply relentless with their blend of addictive hip-hop pop rock that brings a contagious enthusiasm to the crowds all over the UK, Europe and the US.

Okan at BFest 2013
Okan at BFest 2013

When speaking to us prior to their Bella 2013 appearance, John Gerard from the band discussed the group’s approach “There has never been a model for how the band should sound, it is all just the end result of each band member being allowed to do what they want.

I don’t think any of us have similar influences at all, which is strange now that I think about it, but it’s never caused any friction so far (touch wood).”

The LaFontaines, whose name was inspired by American voiceover artist Don LaFontaine, have visited the area on several occasions with a main stage headline slot at BFest 2013 being our favourite.

Indeed the band recently played a storming “throwback” set, as part of King Tuts 25th celebrations, which the Daily Record described as “immense from start to end”. It is no surprise that they were dubbed “Scotland’s rowdiest and wildest party band”.

The debut album is coming looming , following on from the 2014 release of EP ‘Under the Storm’, with the band promising that the new material “has a more ‘grown up’ LaFontaines feel to it”.

The band have recently updated their website.

The LaFontaines play The Spectrum Centre on the 20th of March. with support from ATLAS, Audio Jar and Yolo Toure (DJ set). Tickets are available online.