An interview with Audio Jar.

We asked the three-piece Alt/Rock band, who are fresh from supporting The LaFontaines, a few questions prior to their slot at Breaking Bands.

DSC 00721 300x178 - Time with Audio Jar
Audio Jar supporting The LaFontaines

Tell us a little about the band ?

Rhuary MacDougall with lead locals and guitar, Conner Black on Bass and Liam Mclaughlin on Drums/Percussion. We have known each other from a young age through secondary school.

We decided to put the band together for a Talent contest held by the school, under the name ‘The Gingey Hendrix Experience’ (As one of our members at the time was Ginger). We didn’t win but we have continued as a band for the past 4 years.

How do you describe your style to people who have not heard you?

A very drunk gentleman once described our music as ‘Funk Grunge’. For a number of our pieces this could be a relatively accurate description but our most recent song is definitely more heavy-rock orientated. ‘Alternative rock’ would probably some us up.

Which song would you most like to have claimed as your own?

I want to say ‘Tommy the Cat’ by Primus but probably ‘The Pot’ by Tool.

Which of your own songs best showcases the band, and why?

‘Still Waiting’ has a good balance of dynamics and melodies. I think this number really shows what we are made of. Rhuary’s voice really shines through. (Until ‘Still Waiting’ appears on line check out ‘Lucky Numbers’ instead)

So what’s going to make it a good Friday for you guys?

It’s the drummer’s birthday!! And a number of friends and family will be there to support us, including our #1 fan Owen Grainger.

What are your plans for 2015?

Continue to gig as much as possible and build a decent bank of our own songs and covers. Recording a full album which we are all happy with is a goal too. But most of all continue having a laugh and keep it real!!

Audio Jar play as part of ‘Breaking Bands‘, with Verona, Crash Club and The Northern, on the 3rd of April at Mad Hatters, Hootananny