An interview with The Northern

Joining the Breaking Bands bill on the 3rd of April are The Northern from Glasgow, We caught up with Steven O’Neill from the band prior to the gig.

10440655 958565327510700 2590807816492764954 n 300x300 - The Northern Come NorthTell us a little about the band ?

We are a three piece from Glasgow. All three of us have jammed together in other bands but decided to get together to take it more seriously and try our hand in the music industry. We played our first gig as The Northern in February at a packed O2 ABC2 audience, which was really cool.

How do you describe your style to people who have not heard you?

We’re going for a kind of dirty rock vibe, can cross into a punk feel as well.  We’re looking to make music you can jump around to.

Which song would you most like to have claimed as your own?

Difficult question really! I think every band would say a Beatles or Queen song, but I’d say we’d go along the lines of a Foo Fighter track.

Which of your own songs best showcases the band, and why?

Our new track ‘Living Free’ (see below), shows everything that we’re trying to achieve just now.

Given the name of the night, which acts would you identify as ‘Breaking Bands’ at the moment?

There’s a few going about just now in the Glasgow area, we’re really into Stolen Sound and teh guys at Model Aeroplanes, two really good bands that we’ve previously played with.

So what’s going to make it a good Friday for you guys?

Being back in Inverness and playing to the Hatters crowd! We’ve been up before playing with Chris Devotion and the crowd are just incredible.

What are your plans for 2015?

We’ll release a few more videos and singles throughout the year, hopefully one every two months and hopefully get a few festivals under our belts!

The Northern play as part of ‘Breaking Bands‘, with Verona, Crash Club and Audio Jar, on the 3rd of April at Mad Hatters, Hootananny