An interview with Bloodlines

Photo by Sean Campbell of Keep The Change Production
Photo by Sean Campbell of Keep The Change Production

Bloodlines formerly known asĀ  ‘Russian Ninjas’ release debut EP at the end of May (check out their Facebook page for more details).

Comprising of Jamie Coltart, Andrew MacGillivray, Daniel Strandberg and Jamie Allanach, the band are based in Glasgow although hail from Fort William and describe themselves as high energy rock.

We have been long standing supporters of the band and couldn’t wait to catch them again to ask them a few questions including the evolution of the band and their futire plans

What is the significance of the name change to Bloodlines?

The name change which probably doesn’t seem like much to most people I think it is a huge significant step for us, I think this is the first time we are really happy with our sound, line up and releases coming. Me and Andrew started playing together under our old name about 7 years ago and since then we have developed a lot, we only started playing with this line-up last year and pretty much started the band again. The change really seemed like the right thing to do especially with the new release coming.

How has the response been to EP lead single ‘Love the Taste’?

It has been good, I think it has surprised a few people who have followed us from the start as it is quite different from our old stuff, so it has taken a little longer for it to catch on. It has given us our first proper airplay and Jim Gellatly has backed it before anyone so we are all really delighted with that. Whether it has gained us a few fans or lost us a few I think its the perfect taster for the rest of the EP and what is to come of us in future.

There does appear to be touches of Twin Atlantic and Fatherson on ‘Love the Taste’, does that sound fair? Why?

We are all Scottish rock bands so I guess we must draw similar influences from somewhere. Personally I don’t hear it, but it doesn’t bother me if others do, they are both well liked bands so must be doing something right! I like hearing what others think of the songs because I think we get so enravelled in what we are making we forget about it, so when we hear an outsiders opinion it is always refreshing!

With both the new band name and the single’s title indicating a gothic/vampire theme, what do you think are the main influences on the band?

Garlic, sunlight and everything else vampires hate. Haha but on a serious note we really don’t have any influence from vampires! I think we all have quite different individual influences which add to our own style of playing and then as a band that individuals style of playing is the main influence. I really think the main influence we have as a band when jamming together is each other and how we bounce off one another.

What can you tell us about the tracks on the forthcoming EP?

I think the tracks from the EP though are all quite different share similar influences. We are really an instrumentally driven band so I think the tracks all drive from an interesting riff or chord sequence which then is then backed up by simple catchy chorus’ , but as I said we are so enravelled in what we are playing it is quite hard for us to word. The whole record could be a Backstreet Boys rip off and we probably wouldn’t even notice! (I must declare this EP is nothing like Backstreet Boys)

It’s been a while since we first covered you, (at a Battle of the Bands way up North) how has the band evolved over that time?

We have evolved a lot, back then I think we were still trying to find our feet with what we were writing, which was an exciting and important developing process in itself, but now I feel we are starting to push ourselves in new interesting direction. Also our whole rhythm section has changed since then which obviously has an impact on the band.

The EP is being released on May 26th and will be available to pre-order from May 5th, we are playing Mad Hatters on July 18th and have some other shows in the pipeline!

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