Rock ‘n’ Wrestle at the Ironworks, Inverness on the 27th of March, 2015. A review.

Rock ‘n’ Wrestle returned to a full house at the Ironworks. Following the introductions the Black Isle Rock Orchestra (BIRO) let loose with their rendition of Joan Jett’s ‘I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll’ setting up the evening for the programme of wrestling.

First up was an eight man tag team match pitting a team lead by Joe Legend up against a set up fronted by Joe Henry. With so many wrestlers around the ring it was always going to be a difficult one for the referee to handle with a lot of the action happening outside of the ring. The line up made for an evenly matched contest which was finally settled when Stone Cold Bobby Roberts scored the all important fall to secure the win for Joe Legend’s side.

Next up was the intriguing get together of Switch and Crusher Craib. For added spice it had been agreed that if Switch won he would be allowed to feast on popular local musician Toby Michaels. This was a major risk for Toby as he has only recently joined up with rock band The Broken Ravens and he was putting his music career in serious jeopardy.

Toby Michaels Rolling Damned vs Jack Jester 3 300x200 - More Wrestle at the 'works
Toby Michaels at the first ever Rock ‘n’ Wrestle

Crusher dominated early on as Switch struggled to keep pace. The intervention of the unbilled Lou Aspen Faith, arch enemy of Crusher,  almost derailed Crusher’s chances of a win. Crusher though did prevail much to the relief of Toby Michaels.

With the Rock ‘n’ Wrestle Highland Champion Belt at stake at the end of the night a number 1 contender was needed to give the order to the rankings. With so many potential candidates tonight was a Fatal Four Way to decide who would take up that position. Interestingly all four, Kenny Williams, BT Gunn, Davey Richards and Stevie Xavier had the support of the crowd to varying degrees. For a large part of this contest Davey Richards was looking the stronger and most likely to win but ultimately the crucial fall fell to BT Gunn. With BT Gunn now the number 1 contender there was no hard feelings from the other combatants who took the result professionally.

This took us to the first half main event and a first to two falls contest between Kid Fite and from Green Bay, Wisconsin, the legend that is Mr Anderson. There was a lot of fighting talk from Kid Fite, and his sidekick Billy, as he approached the ring although most of it had the effect of turning the audience against him as he made disparaging comments about them. Mr Anderson was greeted with huge applause as he made his way to the ring but was ambushed before he got in by Kid Fite who whacked him over the head with the timekeeper’s bell.

He then lifted the prostrate Mr Anderson into the ring and demanded the fight begin. This resulted in a simple first fall to Kid Fite and an early lead. Mr Anderson was then given a 10 second count before restarting but he looked in no way fit to continue. The scene was set for a quick finish for Kid Fite but miraculously from somewhere Mr Anderson drew strength to not only turn Kid Fite but to score an equalising fall.

It was clear that Mr Anderson was struggling to clear his head but a dramatic comeback was eventually completed as he turned the match on its head and nail the deciding fall. Although shattered, Mr Anderson appreciated the backing that he received from the crowd and beckoned a number of the younger children onto the stage to call him out as the winner. This drew the first half to an end.

Grado vs TJ Rage with Charles Boddington 11 300x185 - More Wrestle at the 'works
Grado vs TJ Rage with Charles Boddington at the first Rock ‘n’ Wrestle

The second half was kicked off again by the enthusiastic and much appreciated BIRO. This time they treated us to AC/DC’s ‘Highway To Hell’ and really put the rock into the event title. Next up was Davey Blaze with his manager in tow, an Eastenders extra lookalike, Mr Boddington. They were up against the one and only Grado and there was no doubting who the fans were backing. Not unexpectedly Grado entertained while in the other corner spoiling was the name of the game.

With the match within the grasp of Grado he was about to hear the referee count ‘three’ when Mr Boddington pulled the referee distracting him and denying Grado a well deserved fall. Unfortunately this was the turning point in the contest and not long after Davey Blaze got the vital fall to claim victory. A win it may have been for Davey but the crowd still sided with Grado even in defeat.

The penultimate bout of the night was a matchup between Toronto’s Angelina Love and Glasgow’s Lucy Cole. Tonight it was the experience of Angelina that prevailed. Always a step ahead of Lucy, Angelina secured the win in what was an entertaining contest even if Angelina, unnecessarily resorted to some underhand tactics. Lucy will have her day, it just wasn’t today. It would have been valuable experience for her and hopefully we will see her up north again sometime soon.

This took us to the main, and final, event of the night, the Rock ‘n’ Wrestle Highland Championship match between the defending champion, Jack Jester, and the challenger Lionheart. This was an interesting title fight with the challenger in the early stages of a comeback following a career threatening neck break little over a year ago and the question that had to be asked was the step up to this level just coming a little too soon for Lionheart.

Early doors it was clear that Jack Jester was targeting the back of Lionheart; there was no way that he would give up his belt easily. There were times that Jack was more distracted by the crowd, although they did seem to be evenly matched in their support. The fight also spilled out of the ring and into some of the seats near the door and the bar before leaving the hall and returning. With order somewhat restored the action returned to the ring. The match begun to swing Jack Jester’s day and a finally he landed the win with a perfectly executed tombstone piledriver to retain his belt.

So another slick fast-paced night of entertainment drew to a close and for many the next installment in June cannot come soon enough.

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