The hashtag is causing a bit of a stir on the internet (given it’snothing compared to #tidalforall), but what do we know about the mysterious tag;

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1) One of the first places it was posted was @doresonlochness the official twitter feed for the Dores & Essich Community Council, previous home to Rockness.

2) It also appeared very early on via @FilthInverness and their Facebook page.

3) An article featuring the the poster categorised it under the section “music>clubbing”.

4) There is no Rockness this year with the assumption being made that the festival will not return.

5) The hash tag ‘jointhegroove’ certainly suggests a dance type feel to things.

6) It’s not April the first, despite initial skepticism expressed by some, April Fools Day pranks would have been announced by now.

6) With Belladrum and the Mumfords & Sons Stopover already announced, if the event is going to happen in 2015, it’s going to be a busy old year.

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