Dingus Khan head up announcement for Mad Hatter’s gig in May.

TBP Dingus Khan at Belladrum 2013  DSC4962 200x300 - Dingus return
Dingus Khan at Belladrum 2013

Dingus Khan return to the area having played their first gig in Inverness in 2012 (read our interview at the time).

They returned to the Highlands for a couple of other times in a year, including a sublime festival perfect set at Belladrum 2013.

When we caught them in 2013, our reviewer described the band’s set-up;

“Three drummers, two bassists, a bonkers guitar wielding singer and an electric ukulele all combined to make a wildly erratic racket that worked surprisingly well. A summation from one punter was; ‘it’s like a bunch of kids with ADHD who’ve been let loose on the school’s music department’ and it’s one I think I agree with!”

A return to the areas is long over due for the manic 6+ piece band from Manningtree. Unaware of the majesty of Dingus Khan, ‘Knifey Spoony’ is a great place to start a pop ditty wrapped in disturbing lyrics and a great dose of chaos;

Adding to the chaos and the billing on the 22nd of May will be Aberdeen’s Marionettes, the grunge pop of Star Rover and the always adorable Be Like Pablo.