An interview with Sarah Williamson.

We first saw Sarah when she found her way to an open mic at The Eagle in 2013. After tearing up a stage or two as lead in punk three piece Shaped, Sarah has returned to playing on her own and will be play Back to the Pav in Strathpeffer in June.

Sarah's first gig in a while was a slot at Starbucks.
Sarah’s first gig in a while was a slot at Starbucks.
How does it feel to be gigging again?

It’s awesome ,I missed it a lot and its great getting to share my goofy songs with a lot of cool and wonderful people :) People who come along and enjoy my songs … they’re all losers but I’m a loser and you love a loser like me !

What are the challenges/advantages of gigging as a solo act?

It’s strange… I was in my first band when I was 14 ,then varied from a drummer in a band , to a guitarist in another … then I mean boom there was shaped and we had a hell of a run .. With bands its great but I think some of my solo music is more me though…. It’s the songs I’d record alone in my bedroom that had lyrics with a lot of meaning I was a little scared to let people hear about my crazy side. The songs are honest but … so far … people seem to sort of get it so here’s hoping I can keep growing as a solo act and you can keep up with my ever changing mood of a playlist

How do you describe your music to the uninitiated?

UM … That’s tricky .. I think Id say its a kind of dark humour … with a melody Its just saying what you need to when you cant simply speak it …. yeah its pretty … bad but cute .. i think … i hope

Your songs appear very personal, can you describe the process from coming up with ideas to getting the songs ready to play in front of an audience?

Ready to play … its funny I never really know whats ready to play until I try it on stage .The way i make a song usually is if I have a lot to say but I’m on my own i start to just sing I’ll record the free flowing idea and if its got potential write it down and work on it .I could never designate time to write as I only seem to get songs as and when they burst out … lyrics have always been my way of letting out the things on my mind

Sarah fronting Shaped, at Belladrum 2014
Sarah fronting Shaped, at Belladrum 2014
How are you feeling about playing the Pavilion in June?

Humbled ! This will be my biggest solo gig so far … I just hope my nerves can leave me and I can give everyone a good show What other bands are you hoping to catch on the night? Silver Coast , I met these guys back when I was in Shaped and they are truly incredible. Very catchy feel good tunes Also The Side . My sister went to school with the band and I had my first listen to them when I was 11 very very great talent

What are your plans for the rest of 2015?

Just keep gigging. I have a recording session at the end of this month and yes a lot of ideas … just see what happens and try make some incredible memories.

You can check keep track of Sarah via Facebook, and catch Sarah at Back to the Pav on the 12th of June at Strathpeffer Pavilion (contact Sarah via her page for tickets).