A few questions with Hugh Winton of The Side.

The Side make their second live performance, since returning to gigging, at the forthcoming Back to the Pav. We catch up with frontman Winnie prior to the Strathpeffer gig and talk about “the return” of The Side.

20150509 TBP053991 300x200 - Back for the Side
The Side play Mad Hatters earlier in the year.

How easy was it to make the decision to reform The Side?

To be honest, behind the scenes we never really split up. Muff and myself still kept jamming, working on new songs and trying to find the right people in to get going again.

What do you see as the future of the new look band?

I think this year is just about finding our feet again and getting our name back out there. Get the EP out, release a single and do our first video (at last!). Next year… the well overdue second album and some proper touring at home and abroad.

How did you feel the gig at Mad Hatters earlier this month went?

It was just great to get out playing again, it’s been nearly 2 years. I think the new songs went down really well and it was nice to see some familiar faces. I think we’ve got our strongest set of songs we’ve ever had, but we’ve got a lot of other new ones on the way too.

20150509 TBP054031 300x200 - Back for the Side
“To be honest, behind the scenes we never really split up.” Winnie on the recent return to playing live

Your EP has suffered a little delay, where are you at with it and when can we get our metaphorical paws on to it?

It just needs the vocals/harmonies and some small overdubs and then it’s ready to send off for mixing and mastering. It’s hopefully going to be ready for Back to the Pav, if not it should be out a couple of weeks after.

How are you feeling about playing the Pavilion in June?

Really looking forward to it. We’ve never played there before, it’s a great venue and there’s lots of cracking bands on, so hopefully there will be a great turnout on the night.

What other bands are you hoping to catch on the night?

Silver Coast, Atlas and Almost Folk

You can check keep track of The Side via Facebook, and catch The Side at Back to the Pav on the 12th of June at Strathpeffer Pavilion (contact The Side via her page for tickets).