As part of our series of catch-ups with acts that have received support from Music Plus and are playing Belladrum 2015,  sees us ask Free Range Stage opener,  Michiel Turner, a few questions;

How do you describe your style and approach to music?

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Michiel play at Glachbeg Croft

I’ve been writing and performing locally since the age of 14 – developing my own style and originality. I try to keep my songs dynamic and interesting to engage my listeners. My guitar playing style is rhythmic and melodic finger picking, I continue to learn new rhythms and techniques so that I can compliment my voice which I feel I lead with. You’d have to see me play live and decide for yourself what genre I play as I feel I try to cover a few different ones.

When did you realise that music would play an important part in your life?

Coming from a musical family – my mother a jazz singer and singing teacher and father a guitarist – music has always been quite a big part of my life. I think it was when I started to write my own material that I decided I would try and pursue a career in music though.

What track are you most looking forward to playing in front of the Belladrum audience?

I’m looking forward to playing my whole set to be honest but at the moment my favourites to play are Easy Now and Inhale.

What have you taken from your experience with Music Plus?

Being a part of Music Plus has been absolutely fantastic, my mentor Robbie has done a great deal for me in terms of getting out there and gigging. Its also motivated me to polish up all my songs and keep working hard to develop my style, I’d recommend any young musician looking to do more or in need of some help with their music to join the scheme.

This year’s theme at Bella is ‘Superheroes’ and punters are being encouraged to come to the festival dressed as their favourite superhero. If given the chance, who would you choose to come as?

I’ve not really thought about it much to be honest, but I think it would be a close call between Batman or Spiderman.

What’s next for your music?

Hopefully just more gigging, performing live is a great buzz for me and the reason why I do it. Hopefully I should get a cd out at some point as well, I’m working on recording a few tracks at the moment but it’s a lot of hard work as mixing isn’t my strong point.

Michiel Turner will be playing Free Range Folk Stage at 12MD on Saturday the 8th of August at Belladrum.

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