As part of our series of catch-ups with acts that have received support from Music Plus and are playing Belladrum 2015, we get the opportunity to see what’s happening with Hollie Atkinson.

Making her festival debut in Aviemore in 2012 for MV Festival,Hollie went on to secure a prestigious slot at Belladrum 2013 after winning Bella’s got Talent. With the promise of an EP on the horizon, we ask Free Range Stage opener, Hollie Atkinson, a few questions.

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Hollie Atkinson supporting Raining Stairs at Mad Hatters, Inverness

How do you describe your style and approach to music?

I never know how to describe my style, I think I’m still trying to figure it out! When it comes to songwriting I try not to think too much about ‘what needs to go where’, I tend to just follow whatever direction the song goes in and not over-think too much.

When did you realise that music would play an important part in your life?

I learned to play guitar when I was 7 and had always had an interest in singing, but it wasn’t until I became more confident with guitar that I started putting the two together. Music is my outlet for so many things whether that’s listening to it or playing, so I suppose it makes sense that music is a big part of my life.

What track are you most looking forward to playing in front of the Belladrum audience?

Last year I finished my set at Bella with a new song called ‘Hold On’. I was taken aback by the response to the song and how the crowd got involved, as it was my first time playing in front of an audience. I’m really looking forward to being back this year and playing that song again. I’ve also got lots of new material I’ve been working on that I’m buzzing to play!

What have you taken from your experience with Music Plus?

I would say my confidence has improved during my time with Music Plus. Having informal and relaxed chats with my mentor about my music has definitely helped my performance. Beforehand you couldn’t have paid me to talk to an audience about the subject of my songs but now I am more at ease having a little chat. I also have a better understanding of the recording process, which will be beneficial in the future when I look to record.

What’s next for your music?

For the time being I’m looking to focus on my songwriting and discover the right sound for me. The next step would to record and release an EP which I hope to do in the near future but until then I’ll continue gigging as much as possible and just gaining more experience.

Hollie Atkinson will be playing Free Range Folk Stage at 12MD on Friday the 8th of August at Belladrum.

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