Nieves on the Seedlings Stage, 8/8/2015, Belladrum. A review.

Brendan Dafters of Nieves
Brendan Dafters of Nieves

Not the most auspicious of starts, the keyboard is broken and a trio of sound engineers are stood around the offending instrument scratching their heads. Continuing without is definitely not an option, “Without him we’re fucked” says lead singer and guitarist Brendan Dafters with a wry smile.

Fortunately the engineers manage to get it back on track (Special mention should go to the guys at CMPS here who have a done a superb job with the sound in the Seedlings stage all weekend).

When Nieves do finally get started they impress quickly with a set full of what you could call typically Scottish rock. It’s got a weather-beaten feel to it, with the soaring vocal and guitar lines that we’ve come to expect from Twin Atlantic, Fatherson et al but without being too derivative. They’re forging their own path and the fledgling Glasgow outfit look to be one to keep an eye on in the future.

We were given an exclusive performance of the new single (out on Tuesday) ‘Legs and Arms’ along with a great live performance of the current single ‘Black Tie’. It’s arms aloft music and the kind of thing that would sit quite nicely over on the Garden Stage on a Saturday night.

An interview with Brendan Dafters of Nieves.

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