Interview with Andrew McGibbon.

In the last of a series of interviews with DJs/Dance music fans that played Groove 2015, we ask Andrew of Filth DJs about the event.

How did you prepare for the Groove slot?

It was a bit of a tricky one to prepare for. Being the first ever Groove and having a fairly early set time meant weren’t sure quite what to expect. We were also on right before Harri and Domenic so we obviously wanted to keep along the same kind of tempo.

Generally when preparing a set we just decide roughly what we’re going to play and see how it goes on the night so this time we just choose a wide range of tunes and then played what felt right on the day…. I think it worked pretty well :)

Taking to such a unique rig, what were your feelings about how the set went?

We loved it! The set-up was great and the outstanding organisation behind the scenes meant we could just get on and enjoy it. We just wish we had longer to play!

What were your highlights from the festival?

It was great to be back in that field with friends having a beer in the sun (it did come out occasionally) listening to good music. There was such a good atmosphere and it seemed everyone was feeling it.

I was really impressed by all of the sets I heard but if I had to pick some favourites I’d have to say Eli and Fur, Tensnake and 2manydjs.

You’ve had the opportunity of playing Rockness in the past, how did the two festivals compare?

There are obvious comparisons between the two – Groove felt a lot more like the very first Rockness when it too was a one day event. I loved Rockness and missed it badly when it ended, however I like the smaller scale of Groove and the feeling that it’s more about the music. Some festivals grow so big that there’s just too much hype and they can lose direction trying to please everyone!

Eyes are looking towards Groove 2016; which acts would you like to see playing?

How about Dubfire, Carl Cox, Mr C…. of course a personal favourite has to be Green Velvet! It would be great to see local acts continuing to make an appearance too.

What’s next on your agenda?

Our next big Filth DJs night is the return of Green Velvet to the Ironworks on Friday 11th September. We’re very excited about that one… It was a sell-out last time around (tickets on sale now folks… grab ‘em while you can!!). Then in October we’re supporting Erol Alkan again for a Letitbleed Halloween special so that’s another huge gig to look forward to.

That’s not all either – we have the SoundClash Monster FM party plus our exclusive mix for them as well as a slot at a new festival at Bogbain called Shenanigan – check out our website and Facebook for all the dates and details.

See picture of the main acts and stage.

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