October sees The Fairytale Fashion Ball as part of Highland Fashion week in Inverness.

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One of The Ironwork’s previously hosted fashion shows (goNORTH 2014)

The  Bi-Annual event, running across the area since June 2014, is an excellent way to raise awareness for the abundance of talent that we have packed into the Highlands and Islands of Scotland. The Fourth Highland fashion week kicks off on the 7th of October.

The most popular event of the fashion week is set to be the Friday Fashion Show. This year sporting a tantalising fairytale theme, and is appearing in the form of The Fairytale Fashion Ball, which will take place at Ironworks Venue in Inverness.

Guests will be transported into a strange and twisted fairytale world, full of fantastical music, local Highland designers, and handpicked local models.

Other treats in store for guests are a candy buffet, drinks on arrival for VIP ticket holders and a Highland Fashion Week goodie bag.

With the dress code Dress to Impress, this is an evening not to be missed so put on your best ball gown, prepare the pumpkin coach and don’t be late to The Fairytale Fashion Ball.

Tickets for the ball via your nearest fairy God Mother or the Ironworks website.

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