We look at the best live music on offer on (Black) Friday the 18th of December in Inverness.

Once the preserve of the office drinkers and the party goers and notoriously the most drunken day of the year, new music is reclaiming (well kinda) the last Friday before Christmas as their own.

Tijuana Bibles at The Eagle

DSC 00631200 2 - Three for Black Friday

The “Neo-Psychedelic Rock ‘n’ Roll” four piece, lead by Tony Costello. Speaking to us in 2014 he warned “We’re not the kind of band that tries to pander to what’s trending at the moment because moments tend to pass as quickly as they arrive, we’re driven by a different type of engine and I think that’s what people hear when they listen to us and see us live.”

Their Ep ‘Ghost / Dance / Movement’ir?t=wwwinvernessg 21&l=as2&o=2&a=B014ZR6CLO - Three for Black Friday earned a stomping 9 out of 10 from Tenement Tv, which they will no doubt be promoting as they play a one off gig upstairs at The Eagle.

Tickets are available at The Eagle Bar, Creative Skate Store, Union Vinyl & The Music Shop

Mason Hill at Mad Hatters

masonhill10 530x279 - Three for Black Friday

Promoting the launch of their eponymous EP, Mason Hill are seen as bridging the gap between contemporary and classic rock sparking the common “Alterbridge meets Blackstone Cherry meets the Foo Fighters” comparisons.

Check them out via Facebook.

Free Entry.

Guilty Pleasures

Garden of Elks 17 530x353 - Three for Black Friday
Garden of Elks

The monthly, not monthly, edition of Unknown Pleasures gets a festive slant that see some of the area’s finest    upcoming bands including Garden of Elks, Be Like Pablo and Searching for Donkeys play four covers. “Expected the unexpected”, but I guess if that were expected then the expected would be unexpected. Bring some tinsel and prepare for cheese.

Tickets available on line or via acts

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