[tweetthis]Interview with Rob Hicks of @BeyondPresents [/tweetthis]

Robert Hicks Loopallu’s festival’s founder and director as well as running both Beyond Presents and Beyond Events Presents. 2015 has been a busy old year, so time to reflect;

How do you describe your job as promoter?

Full of surprises

Is it a difficult process to separate passion for music and the need to make money?
Concentrate on doing a good job with great music, and the need to make money will look after itself .

Promoters appear to be the people that get the blame if things don’t work out and get ignored if the event is a success, what are the main drivers for your career choice?

Initially it was the desire and drive to bring contemporary music to the Highlands which was seriously lacking at that point. The driver now is discovering new talent, and growing with them.

Michael Chugg said that “Taking risks was an integral part of being a promoter”, in the context of the your business in 2015 , what was the biggest risk that you took that paid off ?

The Aviemore Stopover. (The event was co-promoted by Robert- Ed.)

Who are the acts that you wanted to work with in 2015, but that the opportunity did not arise?


What were the key elements to your most successful event of 2015?

A great team of likeminded can do people.

How did you approach 2015, and how does that prepare you for the forthcoming year?

I make every year up as it goes!

Can you give us any hints (or even an IGigs exclusive) about the projects that you are involved in for 2016?

Once I know, you’ll know… ;0)

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