We speak to Calum MacPhail of Hò-rò as the band prepare for thier headline slot at The Ironworks.

How does it feel to be headlining a gig at the Ironworks?

It’s quite surreal for us as we never really thought that we would be in this situation headlining our own gig. It’s obviously been something we have always wanted to happen. But it just feels like it has happened very quickly… Not so long ago we were supporting Manran at the Ironworks And it was such good fun! Now we have the opportunity to have our own night. It’s really exciting.

You have Dirty Beggars supporting you for the gig, how did that come about?

We have been friends with the Dirty Beggars for a couple of years now. We met during northern roots festival at an open session… And we had such a good laugh sharing songs and tunes.  Since then we have bumped into each other at other festivals and we have even collaborated on stage.

We are really happy that they agreed to share the night with us! again, it wasn’t so long ago that they had us support them at one of their gigs in Glasgow! We’re really looking forward to it and who knows? There might be another collaboration on Saturday night :)

Where do the ideas / inspiration come from your music?

We all have slightly different tastes in music.  But overall I think we take a lot from our roots. Lucy loves researching traditional songs from where she grew up. Their are some really lovely Gaelic songs that have come from Ballachulish and the surrounding area. With our tunes Calum and Crisdean write a lot of their own tunes. And the vibe is always very upbeat and you can always have a good footstomp to them.

I’m always listening to new tunes and songs and hearing new ideas. And not just from trad music. I listen to such a variety of different music. And I feel like we can always learn new techniques from other genres. So I like trying to incorporate these ideas into our arrangements. So all of that put together is how we come up with our material.

What have been the highlights of your career so far?

I would say one of  the highlights of our career so far would be traveling to Italy to perform at Celtica . It’s a beautiful Celtic festival situated in the mountains of Italy. The view from the main stage was incredible. Traveling is something we all love doing. And being able to do it while we play music, is quite something. We feel really lucky that we can do that.

With your EP being on soundcloud for a year now, have you any plans to get back into the studio?

We are actually working on an album at the moment! We start recording it in May. There will even be an opportunity to pre order the album as early as Saturday! we will launch the pre orders at our gig. And any money raised will actually help fund the project.  This is something we have wanted to do for a long time now. So we are  delighted that it’s finally happening!

You already have a few bookings for 2016, what are your plans for the year?

We are planning our dates for this summer at the moment. I can say that  we will be playing at festivals! Which is everyone’s favourite thing to do! We are also working on putting together a tour. We’re just figuring out where would be best to go! The Islands are a definite. We’ve always wanted to do a tour of the islands.

There lots happening at the moment and we couldn’t be happier. This gig on Saturday is a milestone for us and we hope everyone is looking forward to it as much as we are.

Tickets are available online for Hò-rò supported by Dirty Beggars on the 6th of February.