MIR at The Market Bar, 20/2/16.Review and photos.

There are times when a packed small venue rips the pants off a half empty big one. When that small venue happens to be one of the most iconic spots on the music scene and when the band are really going for it then you don’t really want to be anywhere else.

So, MIR at The Market Bar last night was a complete blast. They have a huge personality on stage and Miriam Campbell’s chat is worth settling down for on it’s on. This is straight honest to goodness rock n roll with a hefty dose of Americana flavoured country inspired songs, and the crowd love it. They don’t give a damn that these guys are ripping through a tight energy laden set of self-penned material, because it’s instantly accessible.

It’s fair to say that MIR have established quite a fan base locally and the reality is that the joint is jumping from the off with singing and – when the odd bit of space emerged – dancing right through the set.

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The song ‘Runaround’ from their last album ‘Truth Be Told’ was one of my favourites from last year and the good news is that more new material is on its way. Look out for their next gig and meanwhile check out ‘Truth Be Told’ir?t=wwwinvernessg 21&l=as2&o=2&a=B00XAAIM8Y - Honest to goodness – it’s MIR!